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PHENOMIN, your French partner for understanding mammalian gene function in mouse disease models.

PHENOMIN is a National French Infrastructure to promote research in mouse functional genomics. It contributes to International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium to develop an encyclopedia of mammalian gene function. 

Generating precise and target genome mutations in the mouse genome is one of the most common approach in functional genomics. It helps to better understand the gene function, basic biological mechanisms, and physiopathology, to identify and validate new drug targets and to perform risk assessment in drug development.

  • PHENOMIN offers state-of-the-art specialized services and consultancy: Ready-to-use genetically engineered mouse models and comprehensive, standardized or advanced characterization of gene function by identification of anatomical, physiological, and behavioral phenotypes in mouse models. 

PHENOMIN drives the expertise and sets resources for French researchers through its involvement in the European infrastructure for mouse disease models “INFRAFRONTIER” and the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium “IMPC”. Both are composed of major mouse genetics research institutions, national funding organizations and corporations formed to systematically invalidate each of the 20,000 genes in the mouse in order to decipher the main functions of the genes coding for proteins. The "loss of function" or "knockout" mouse models generated are characterized according to a standardized phenotyping protocol.

  • PHENOMIN actively collaborates with national and international partners to promote access to open resources (data, mouse models, standard operating procedure, trainings…), provide genotype-phenotype annotation, to develop innovative tools (imaging, cancer and rare disease models, genetically engineered rat models…).
  • PHENOMIN opens access to its known-how through calls for proposal to nominate, generate and/or phenotype mouse models.


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