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University accreditation applies to courses from this institution


In 1989, numerous changes occurred in the structure and teaching of the University had to reorganize the educational process, the profile of the faculty, curricula and especially was necessary to decrease the average age of staff. These changes were made under the guidance of active teachers and consultants, with the assistance of departments, after consultations with European universities with which our University fosters a collaborative relationships. The benefits of these changes become apparent over time and through the feedback received from students. Infrastructure development has not been spectacular in general. However, thanks to funds obtained from the European Union and through several donations, implemented new teaching facilities, others have been reconditioned and each Department has benefited from logistical equipment. In accordance with the law on education, the Charter and internal regulations of University Faculty in 1996 were set up two departments: the Department of biology and the Department of geology. Botanical Garden, Museum of Zoology (including a vivariu of great interest), as well as the museums of geology-Paleontology and Mineralogy, works as a facilities forming part of the structures of the faculty.
The educational process is carried out in laboratories, auditoriums and libraries located in three groups of buildings of the University, located in the central part of the city. The departments are permanently connected through the internet to information channels.
Student accommodation and other services are offered by the University campus, located near schools and research facilities



Str. Gheorghe Bilaşcu n°44
Romania (RO)

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