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The University of South Bohemia is a public university located in České Budějovice.  It specializes in education and research with a focus on natural, humanist and social sciences.

The university has 11,000 students in more than 200 bachelor, masters and doctoral programmes at 8 faculties – Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture.

The university also offers courses and education programmes for the general public.
International cooperation

The University of South Bohemia collaborates with more than 300 universities around the world. It supports foreign study and research trips by students and academic staff.

The university provides cross-border study in Biological Chemistry and Bioinformatics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and also offers the opportunity of double degree study at selected universities.

The international prestige of the University of South Bohemia is also evidenced by active research teams posted in various parts of the world, such as the Arctic and Papua New Guinea.
Science and research

Throughout its existence, the University of South Bohemia has become a major research and development centre in south Bohemia.

New buildings, equipped with the latest technology and laboratory equipment are a guarantee for top-rate results.

The university’s focus on research is also confirmed by the comparative ratings of universities. Let’s look at one for all, the 4ICU 11 000 ranking of colleges and universities in more than 200 countries and in which the University of South Bohemia is ranked in 1,431st place.

The university boasts major publications and quality research.  Scientists from the University of South Bohemia publish the results of their work in the most prestigious scientific journals such as Nature, Science and PNAS. They also receive international recognition and awards.
University history

The University of South Bohemia was founded in 1991, following the tradition of educating teachers and university experts in various fields of agricultural production, theological studies and the tradition of fish farming and fisheries.

The University originally consisted of two faculties - Faculty of Education (since 1948 a branch of the Faculty of Education of Charles University, which later became an independent faculty) and the Faculty of Economics (since 1960 part of the Prague University of Agriculture).  The three newly created faculties also became the University’s foundation stones: Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Health and Social Studies. In 2006, the Faculty of Philosophy, then one year later, the Faculty of Economics were also established. The original Faculty of Biology was replaced in 2007 by the Faculty of Science. In 2009, the Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters was established.
The University as it is today

In 2014, the University will open up its first technical studies - Mechatronics. An extensive campus park rejuvenation is also in progress, new pavilions for the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Fisheries & Protection of Waters are being developed as well as a Science and Technology Park, some residential halls are under reconstruction and by 2016, the complex will also include a new Student Club and University kindergarten.   Another major achievement, measured on a European scale, is the development of a unique centre, focused on Fisheries and Protection of Waters, the CENAKVA in Vodňany.

The University of South Bohemia is an attractive destination for students and an excellent calling card for graduates. According to an available survey, the standard unemployment rate of the universities graduates is around 5%.

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